The Psychic Hysteria fam is growing, and to celebrate we’re getting a bunch of bloody legends under one roof to play their hits and nothin’ else. And it’s especially exciting because Melbs 3 piece Piss Factory are launching their cassette on the night and geez you gotta hear it. Join us for sets from: Plaster of Paris (riot grrl royalty) Piss Factory (days of war, nights of love, evenings of catchy as hell post-pop-punk) Pearl Bay (2 piece feed of fun times) WARS (Moody and Broody Electronics) Gnohms (Just watch the video, OK: Astral Skulls (Classic Hits set/probs 3 or 4 songs but the good ones) Entry is $12 which is only $2 per band and, well, you do the maths (good value). There’ll be a massive table of merch and zines and stuff from the label, bands and related things PLUS fun is guaranteed.