Moonlite Pastor, bank robber, lecturer, soldier, bushranger, homosexual, outlaw. Presented by Bitten By Productions Before Ned Kelly came along and stole everyone’s thunder, there was Captain Moonlite. He was a pastor and a soldier, a bank robber and a frontier farmer, a lecturer and a mental patient, an innocent man and a bushranger, a womaniser and a homosexual. He was an Australian legend who barely anyone has ever heard of and one half of the greatest love story never told. With a hilarious script and catchy original tunes, Moonlite tells the tale of the man’s last stand, and in it the story of the different lives he lived, all revolving around his enduring dedication to the love of his life, James Nesbit, a dedication that endured beyond the grave. Written by Gabriel Bergmoser and with music by Dan Nixon, Moonlite is a musical that isn’t really a musical, a cabaret that’s also sort of a play, a mess of contradictions much like the man himself. Performed in the basement of the iconic Grace Darling Hotel (a pub frequented by Captain Moonlite himself) with a live band and a talented cast, Moonlite is a raucous, funny, and ultimately moving exploration of a true story you’ve probably never heard and certainly will never forget.