With Special Guests Kill the Darling Holiday Park – band Donnarumma are proud to announce their newest single ‘Rollercoaster’, celebrating the release with some fun shows in January. Donnarumma have a sound that punches you in the face and steals your wallet. The quartet from Adelaide hit hard, combating frustration, angst and desperation through psychotropic indie-rock. Their innovative, genre-jumping arrangements and hook-filled rock on ‘Rollercoaster’ leaves a lasting impact. “This song’s like the lifespan of a slinky. Begins elegantly enough with its coils functioning as expected before it’s then bent, stretched and cartwheeled down the stairs so many times that it’s all skewed and tied itself in knots. What’s left are the remnants of an outrageously fun time had by all”. – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J