CASTILLES comprises the cream of the crop of Melbourne’s highly competitive, inner North underground rock scene. The electric three-piece blast, fumble, and soar their way through an eclectic set of rock and roll. ‘Get Along’ guides the listener through an incessant pulse, begging the riff to loop eternal. An ode to blues, desert rock & psychedelica ‘Get Along’ is a reminder that what was never broken never needs to be fixed. Joining them will be fellow Purple Wayne residents, COPE & DRAG. It’s alt country, it’s bluesy, it’s poppy, and we like it. Arrive early to see Nico and his bandits get down. HOBSONS BAY COAST GUARD are a band we caught supporting a Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks show. We dug their vibe and have kept an eye on them ever since. We’re so stoked to have them on the ticket. #trashsurfglitzrock It’s going to be a fine night indeed.