SHROUD. Meat, riffs and potatoes. Does more need to be said? Probably not… For a time SHROUD was incomplete, like a three wheeled car, or a pack rollies with no papers. Lumbering on with no voice, just raw thumps and untamed feedback. Then not too long ago, for reasons only the universe understands, the final member of Shroud was drawn to her destiny. SHROUD was born, metamorphosing from simple garden tool objects into something new, something strange, something primal – emanating a rare pulse. To rejoice in this awkward, but special transformation, SHROUD welcomes you to The Grace Darling Hotel Basement to help launch ‘Slow Demise’, the first song from their five song sacrifice to the gods. Joining them for the night will be: PSEUDO MIND HIVE (Melbourne psych) + DOWSER (Three piece Stoner/Doom)