MEANDER are finally releasing an EP “Pretty Good Thanks” after a year of playing to sometimes quite a few people and other times not quite a few people. They went through like a billion drummers and have probably sustained hearing damage that will last their lives but for the sake of the sesh it is worth it. Releasing their live on triple r single “Now Do Classical Gas” last August has proven to smash the crowd in the face with their legendary curse of breaking strings. “Pretty Good Thanks” features “Now Do Classical Gas”, “Drag”, “Kanga’s Skateboard” and “Seaseme Seeds” all recorded as live and DIY as possible. Playing with the boyz are Marlon Bando a 3 piece loft scuzz punk similar to Jay Reatard AND Lemondaze, an alternative local melbourne based band that struggles with not just recording, but characterising their music as well. DO COME SEE THIS AMAZING NIGHT WE HAVE CHUCKED TOGETHER <3